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17 May 1969
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Announcement: I'm no longer using this journal. Please visit me over at Turil.org. I do still read other people's journals and communities here, so if you think I might be interested in yours, let me know via email, or friend me and I'll check you out. But I limit myself so that I don't get overwhelmed, so if I don't add you to the list of people I read, it might be for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with you. :-)

The following is my old story...


Philosopher at large and for hire. Professional problem solver. Artist. Teacher. Sustainable living aficionado. Recently homeless (yes, really).

Small woman with huge ideas.

Married, very much in love with her honey and missing him while he wanders off to find himself or something :-), and also happily enjoying what else life has to offer whenever possible.

Important Note:

This journal is primarily an extension of my brain, random mind babble, unconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings made manifest. Very little editing is done. Very little intention is conveyed. Very little concern for what others think about it all is in effect. This is a window into my soul (but not a door, as that's only for David!). And my soul is so very different from those of most folks, so...

If you don't love what you see here, then go ahead and keep window shopping down the street... :-)

i'm in gryffindor!

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